Corporate values

  1. Commitment

    As a business with strong family values and a passion for coffee, Efico strives for excellence in providing correct and safe products and a personalized service with consideration for all players in the sector.

    We are active in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner, in line with the ten basic principles of the United Nations Global Compact, contributing to the improvement of living and labor standards in producing nations through the Efico Foundation.

  2. Vision

    Efico feels responsible for delivering quality products that are safe for consumption and that are traceable at all times. Efico is aware of its impact on the environment and is proactively looking for solutions in-house and on behalf of its customers with regard to waste management, logistics and reducing and compensating CO2-emission levels.

    Efico remains faithful to its roots and has continued this tradition for a long time, demonstrating how mutual respect and personalized service can form the basis for long-term, sustainable business relations. 

  3. Values

    Efico strongly believes that innovation and quality – in their broadest sense – go hand in hand, and aspires to minimize any negative environmental impact. 

    We ensure that our loyal customers have access to our market and product knowledge and to our know-how and experience with regard to sustainable concepts.

  4. Policy

    Efico is committed to transparency in its business activities and to maintaining a personalised approach. We aim to exceed the demands and expectations of our customers and to continually improve the quality and safety of our products, services, social commitment and sustainability.